Chinese Adventures

So I’ve wanted to start a photo log for the longest time, but never got around to it. Now that I’m back from vacation and have filled 3 SD cards (4g, 512mb, 128mb) with my compulsive photo taking, I’ve decided that this is a great time to begin (and hopefully continue).

I spent the last five weeks in various places of China, including Beijing, Chengde, Inner Mongolia, Shenyang, Dandong, and probably several other smaller cities whose names completely escape my mind. The trip was overall fantastic, despite my heatstroke and fever, despite being revolted at the popular hobby of hacking and spitting everywhere, despite the horror of hole-in-the-ground bathrooms, despite wanting to die every time I stepped foot outdoors and felt the evil, evil sun.

I’m not even close to being done with going through my pictures, so this entry should be continued later if I can motivate myself to finish.
In Chengde there was this mosquito ridden lake which I immediately regretted visiting after being eaten, but at least I got this:

After driving a little further the sun went down some more, and I was lucky enough to see the most amazing colors in the sky and reflected in the water:

The next day we decided to go horseback riding. My horse and my guide:

Afterwards we stopped for awhile and I took the opportunity to scare the horses by taking too many pictures of them.

[edit on 9/9/07]

During the last of my five weeks in China, one of my aunts took us to some place really close to North Korea. We got on a ferry that let us float around on the Yalu River, which divides North Korea and China. (This was particularly exciting because the Yalu River is one of the things I actually still remember from AP US History.) Apparently, seeing North Koreans wading around in the water is of great interest to Chinese people, as the passengers immediately whipped out their cameras and started frantically capturing pictures of half naked (or in some cases fully naked) people bathing and washing clothes in the river. So of course I had to take out my telephoto lens and start stalking them as well. Except my photos contain fully clothed people, sorry.

These are a few of many soldiers (?) who stood watch on the shore:

And a really exciting shot of a man pouring water into the river:

This was taken while riding on a different ferry the next morning. I like fluffy clouds:

And where the ferry stopped:

And here are some miscellaneous pictures from everywhere:

I love this picture because the guy is so covered in red paint that he blends in with the wall:

I’ve noticed that I haven’t put up any pictures of city life, but I swear China isn’t just horses and bodies of water. Maybe I’ll update again sometime with lights and well-dressed people, but I need to start packing.


3 thoughts on “Chinese Adventures

  1. wooooow coool pictures! they’re all so awesome! i think i especially like the ones of the river, the black and whites, and the red men! (:

  2. Hahah lovely pictures, shirley! I especially like the one with the man on the bench, and his shoes on the side. :] Hope everything is going well for you!

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