Random update!

I haven’t been able to update with anything new because of my separation with my baby (camera), but this page was looking lonely with only one post. So I dug up a couple of old pictures from random folders. They vary in oldness and goodness, but at least it’s something to make things more exciting around here.

We wanted to print some new photographs to hang on the kitchen wall. The walls are green, and the paint catalogs had shown the green paint paired with some red accessories, and since I didn’t have any good red-ish photographs to pull up, I took some new ones. These haven’t been printed (yet?), but I quite enjoyed the natural light and my ghetto “studio” set up.

This photo is probably the oldest out of all the ones I’m posting in this update, and it was taken with a Canon A80. This was one of my first attempts at natural-lighting-white-background, and I liked how clear it turned out. It was a very impulsive photo shoot so the items are very random. Yes, those are pills. And the bracelet is from Mexico.

I think I might have posted this up somewhere before. This was taken in the middle of a street intersection in Las Vegas. I am a risk taker.

On the way to Los Angeles! First experiments with a filter, although I’m not sure I was using it correctly.

One of the first products of my Nikon. In my backyard.

Also in my backyard. Desaturized because it looks cooler.

I think this was somewhere in Southern California…

Doesn’t it look kind of frosty?

I’m traveling again during Spring Break, so I’m hoping to put my baby to use again soon. For now… midterms.


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