Food coma, can’t study

I clicked through a couple more pictures from Mexico, and uploading sounded much more appealing than spectrophotometry/colorimetry:

This one made me feel like I was looking at some advertisement to go take a vacation somewhere. Yay for incredibly overexposed backgrounds!

Yeah, it costs money to pee. More reasons to hold it in.

I think this cross is famous?

Agua de coco!

Acapulco, Mexico: cliff divers.

When it gets dark and the tide rises…

Boys climb up the cliff…

And jump! I KNOW RIGHT. It really looked like they were going to slam into the side of the cliff and kill themselves.

Experiments with slow shutter speed. This is looking out the window on board the cruise ship, with reflections on the glass.

For some inside-the-ship pictures:

Probably one of the most extravagant and fancy parts of the boat was the atrium with glass elevators.

More later. Is 8:30 too early of a bedtime?


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