San Jose Museum of Art

Trekked to downtown San Jose last week to eat and check out the Museum of Art. Having lived in cities my entire life, I’m always slightly disconcerted by a lack of people and general activity. Parking was uncomfortably easy to find in most cases and restaurants and streets were eerily quiet.

Lobby of the museum. The ceiling fixtures were pretty rad.

I have small-dot-phobia, and I am going to share my misery with you. Except this isn’t that bad because the dots are different sizes.

My favorite thing about this museum may be their “art packs”: in an attempt to engage kids in art, SJMA provides messenger bags containing notepads, drawing/writing utensils, and other activities that allow kids to express their feelings about the exhibits. Clearly this was appropriate for me so I grabbed one and expressed myself while I forced Jon to write a poem using the template the museum provided.

And then I wrote my own poem, filled with longing and angst. Left it in the bag to inspire future generations of emo youth.


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