San Francisco

We started off with Chinatown.

Of course it had to be the cloudiest, coldest, foggiest day.

We got dim sum, but someone was too scared to eat the more Asian dishes (“chicken feet have too many segments!”).

And then we booked it to SF Museum of Modern Art.

And had coffee in the cafe on the top floor.

The line for coffee was incredibly slow and I ended up taking pictures of my hair out of boredom. Super stoked about the last bit of red that’s clinging on to my hair.

We did end up checking out the Steins Collect thanks to the two lovely people who sat down at our table and gave us their tickets. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay long because my blood sugar level was plummeting at this point and the only  thing I wanted to see was soup available for my eating. Luckily and randomly, there was a Soup Freaks restaurant right around the corner…prayers answered.

Afterward we somehow made it to Haight after missing several buses. At Amoeba I found a Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong sing Gershwin CD on clearance and Yama got a bunch of jazz records to play on his currently nonexistent record player. 🙂 Had dinner at Harvey’s in the Castro where there was also awesome comedy night, and then I miraculously made it home through rain and sleepiness.


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