Shenyang in Winter

Roasted yams/sweet potatoes (never figured out the difference) — this is very popular street food, and for good reason. They are absolutely delicious. The large metal cylinder is the “oven.”

Knife sharpening.

Very traditional.

Loved the light.

Old and new transportation.

People love their chestnuts, watermelon seeds, and dried prunes.

Would you like some insects for dinner?

How about some gigantic carrots?

I think I ate my weight in dragon fruit while in China. No regrets.

And of course… the dining! Hai di lao was probably my favorite restaurant. I was craving hot pot like mad going back, and this place did not disappoint with its amazing service and food. While you’re waiting for your order, you can receive complimentary manicure services. If you have long hair, the waiters will offer you hair ties so you can eat with no reservations. If you have glasses, they will offer you glasses cloth that you can take home. They will tuck your phones into little plastic baggies so they won’t get food on them. Why does this not exist in your average restaurant here in the US?



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