Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Unfortunately for family and friends, I am not the best at distributing my event and travel photos in a timely manner. I usually take so many photos that it seems overwhelming to sort through them all, and then life gets busy and I easily move on to more urgent matters. I hope to make small amends with these small uploads, and I begin with some zebras.

It may be due to the sheer number of zebras in the crater, or that I’m particularly fascinated by zebras, or a bit of both, but a large portion of my safari photos consist of these guys. I also realized that both my phone and laptop backgrounds are zebra photos from this trip. I think it also has to do with the fact that zebras were some of the least skittish animals in the crater, so it was relatively easy to get up close and personal (while hiding in the car).


I found myself in Vermont a couple of days ago hoping to get some nature-y shots for a project. Unfortunately, both my batteries died before I was able to get any landscape shots, but I stumbled upon this fascinating and kind of disgusting cluster of moss and things toying with the residuals of some nearby stream.

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